Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Chinese Foreign Minister appreciates pace of progress being made under CPEC

Ali Zain, "Chinese Foreign Minister appreciates pace of progress being made under CPEC," dailypakistan.com

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The Foreign Affairs Minister of China, Wang Yi has appreciated the progress being made under China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project, an important component of The Belt and Road Initiative raised by President Xi in 2013, focused on all-dimensional and multi-level connectivity among the countries in Asia, Europe and Africa located along the traditional Silk route.
Addressing the 17th Lanting Forum on the 5th Eurasia Expo, with the theme ” Wide Discussion, Joint Contribution and Shared Benefits, Opportunities and Future of the Silk Road,” organized by China Public Diplomacy Association at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Wang Yi said the Belt and Road Initiative is being supported by more than 70 countries as well as international and regional organizations while agreements have been signed between China and 44 different countries with the motive to achieve sustainable development. ...
People to people contact was cited to had significantly grown with improved opportunities of scholarships for students, youth and professionals in a wide range of fields. ...
Through all-round connectivity, the B&R Initiative helps exchange of information, explore market potential, create demand, open fresh vistas for investment and also promote cultural exchanges and mutual learning among the people along the route, said the Minister.
Wang Yi said Xinjiang – Uygur Autonomous Region, to host the 5th China – Eurasia Expo in September this year, has become a gateway for China to its west and invited all countries on the route to attend the event and witness for themselves the economic and social development in the region for themselves. ...

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