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Ongoing updating of article, "Diplomacies, from Public to Pubic" (updated, 4/9/2016)

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John Brown, "Diplomacies, from Public to Pubic," Huffington Post (3/23/2016)

A valued comment on the above-cited HP article by scholar
Nicholas John Cull · Professor at USC Annenberg School for Communication:
John Brown raises valid concerns here. While it is not surprising that the concept of diplomacy has broadened since the days of Sir Harold Nicolson (after all the reality has broadened), the x-diplomacy meme needs a certain skepticism and not all its forms deserve the same regard for being a 'thing'. Moreover, analysts of public diplomacy might be wise to remember the preference of the distinguished writer on the subject Bruce Gregory for speaking of 'diplomacy's public aspects' rather than 'public diplomacy'. We writers in the field need to be mindful of our crutches, contractions and conventions and remember that just using a term does not make it so. Just because we need a headline on 'x-diplomacy' doesn't mean we can't unpack the term as 'the diplomatic aspects of x' in our text.
From a kind reader of the HP article:
"[F]ifth grade humor in the title and in one of the paragraphs. ... the inclusion of inappropriate humor."
Note: A "fifth-grade humor" article on this topic -- pubic diplomacy -- was posted at the USC Center on Public Diplomacy blog, under the title "Public Diplomacy Goes 'Pubic'" (2007). (Note mention in this piece of Miss Israel 2004, Gal Gadot, starring in the just-released "Batman vs. Superman.")
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Updating began on 3/26/2016; some terms existed before that date

A) Recent terms (date refers to when the term was perhaps, but not certainly, first coined)

"A dip dick (art), diplomadick (your crowd) ..." (4/1/2016)

From a Facebook entry by prominent American artist Frank Williams, posted here with his kind permission, documenting his reaction to this blog's entry that artist Kiki Smith would be speaking in Canada under the State Department's "Art in Embassies" program.

(Image of one of Smith's creations; no, this is not an image of Donald Trump with his public hair dyed yellow (color as it appears in the work of art) [thanks AA].

cough diplomacy (3/1/2026)
"soft power" diplomacy in Seattle (3/30/2016)
neighborhood diplomacy [March 30, 2016; pertains to China]
diplogastronomy [March 29, 2016]
wikiplomacy [March 28, 2016)
tango diplomacy [3/27/2016; 'Bama in Don't Cry for Me]

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B)  Previously used terms (date in parentheses refers to when the term, found on the internet, was added to this listing; and how else can they be but "random" given the nature of the Internet )

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dirty diplomacy (4/10/2016)

Dirty Diplomacy: The Rough-and-Tumble Adventures of a Scotch-Drinking, Skirt-Chasing, Dictator-Busting and Thoroughly Unrepentant Ambassador Stuck on the Frontline of the War Against Terror

US Al-Qaeda diplomacy (4/10/2016)
Cruise missile diplomacy (4/10/2016)
Machiavellian diplomacy (4/10/2016)
real-time diplomacy (4/10/2016)
China's teenage diplomacy (4/10/2016)
virgin diplomacy (4/10/2016)
Papal diplomacy (4/10/2016)
Michelle Obama's singing diplomacy (4/10/2016)
Madonna's Israeli diplomacy (4/10/2016)
tomato diplomacy (4/9/2016)
pickle diplomacy (4/9/2016)
"...Don't give a damn ... diplomacy" [edited version meant to provide a laugh]
occasional  diplomacy (4/9/2016)
"cherry diplomacy" (4/9/2016)
parlor diplomacy (4/9/2016)
dogwood diplomacy (4/9/2016)
flower diplomacy (4/9/2016)
alien diplomacy (4/9/2016)

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mushroom cloud diplomacy (4/92016)
no-nonsense diplomacy (4/9/2016)
maritime diplomacy (4/9/2016)

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business diplomacy (4/9/2016)
King Cotton diplomacy (4/9/2016)
gin boat diplomacy (4/9/2016)
tequila diplomacy (4/9/2016)

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whiskey diplomacy (4/9/2016)
vodka diplomacy (4/9/2016)

high school diplomacy (4/9/2016)
model diplomacy (4/9/2016)
old boys' diplomacy (4/9/2016)
computer diplomacy (4/9/2016)
feminine diplomacy [4/9/2016: from a 1916 publication!]
space diplomacy [4/7/2016 never occurred to me until now]
silver diplomacy [4/7/2016 yet another reminder that I'm a lousy researcher]
gold standard diplomacy [4/7/2016 yet another I missed]
diamond diplomacy[ 4/7/2016]
jewelry-box diplomacy [4/7/2016]

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undiplomatic diplomacy (4/6/2016)
real diplomacy (4/6/2016)
sexual diplomacy (4/6/2016)
e-diplomacy [how could I have forgotten that one]  (4/6/2016)
ping pong diplomacy [ditto above] (4/6/2016)

fish and chips diplomacy (4/6/2016)
basketball diplomacy (4/5/2016)
hoops diplomacy (4/4/2016)
television diplomacy [I should have caught that one earlier!] (4/4/2016)
Mickey Mouse diplomacy (4/3/2016)
same-sex diplomacy (4/3/2016)
drug diplomacy (4/3/2016; image from)

toking diplomacy (4/3/2016)
cigar diplomacy (4/3/2016)
human rights diplomacy (4/2/2016)
water diplomacy (4/2/2016)
alcohol diplomacy (4/2/2016)
piñata diplomacy  (4/2/2016)
funboat diplomacy (4/2/2016)
sound diplomacy (4/2/2016) 
[documented with below pix]

piano diplomacy (4/2/2016)
Bushie's diplomacy (4/2/2016)
cat diplomacy (4/2/2016) 
[documented with below pix]

[documented with below pix] (4/2/2016)

Russian dog diplomacy (4/2/2016; includes video)
dogplomacy (4/2/2016)
dog diplomacy (4/2/2016)
opera diplomacy (4/2/2016; see also.)
gay diplomacy (4/2/2016)
student diplomacy (4/2/2016)
headline diplomacy (4/2/2016)
duh diplomacy (4/1/2016)
 [probably more, strictly speaking, an invitation to an on-line game than an adjectival modification of "diplomacy."] (4/1/2016)
male diplomacy (4/1/2016)

diplomatie publique (4/1/2016)
idiot diplomacy (4/1/2016)
ms. diplomacy (4/1/2016)
fuck diplomacy (4/1/2016)
[perhaps more a condemnation than meant as a "hybrid" diplomatic term] 
cowboy diplomacy (4/1/2016)
yoga diplomacy (4/1/2016) 
[also referred to a "The Public Diplomacy of Yoga" on 4/1/2016]
brand diplomacy (3/29/2016)
Kung Fu Panda diplomacy (3/29/2016
education diplomacy (3/29/2016)
porno-diplomacy (3/29/2016)
First lady diplomacy (3/28/2016)
penis diplomacy (3/28/2016)
dance diplomacy (3/28/2016)
disease diplomacy (March, 2026)

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twiplomacy (March 2016)
country music diplomacy (March 2016)
animal diplomacy (March 2016)
network diplomacy (March 2016)
disarmament  diplomacy (March 2016)
dollar diplomacy (March 2016; see also.)

Related terms

See also

Brian Carlson, "Public Diplomacy Goes Public," Public Diplomacy Council (2003)

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