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August 8

"Americans do not expect to know the whole truth during wartime, but they do not want to be lied to about why they are fighting."

--Susan A. Brewer, Why America Fights: Patriotism and War Propaganda from the Philippines to Iraq (New York: Oxford University Press, 2009), p. 280; image from


Dancing Clinton eyes fresh start with S. Africa - Shaun Tandon, AFP: "US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called on Saturday for a broad alliance with South Africa as she basked in a warm welcome from everyone from President Jacob Zuma down to street children as she visited Africa's wealthiest nation. A visibly upbeat Clinton shook her hips to the sounds of a street brass choir in the slums of Cape Town, where she was swarmed by women and children at a housing project she had visited more than a decade ago as first lady. Clinton is emphasising public diplomacy during her 11-day, seven-nation tour of Africa, hoping to showcase the commitment of President Barack Obama's administration to the continent." Image from

Court Unveils US Regime Change Plans against Iran - FNA: "Deputy Prosecutor-General of Tehran's public and revolutionary courts said on Saturday that the US is in pursuit of a soft-overthrow of the Islamic Republic. 'The US administration sought to stage a plot named 'Exchange Project' in Iran after its agents were arrested by Iranian security forces,' said text of an indictment recited by Tehran's Deputy Prosecutor-General Abdolreza Mohebbati during the second hearing of Iran's post-election detainees. The Iranian official announced that the exchange project was aimed at dispatching different groups and individuals to the US through Washington's anti-Iran centers in Dubai, Istanbul, Baku, London and Frankfurt in an attempt to train them for its regime change plans. The indictment said that the documents available show that after western countries studied Iran's internal, regional and international conditions, 'the project for the soft overthrow of the Islamic Republic - or as they call it Public Diplomacy - was placed on the West's agenda.'" See also

live blogging ... The Second session of velvet coup accusers case! - Revolutionary Road...: "'Summary of the text of indictment for second group of velvet coup defendants - 'Design and planning of foreign countries for the soft overthrow in Iran.' New policies of west specially US and UK to deal with the Islamic Republic of Iran: 1- Making democracy (democracy to suit the interests and goals of West) 2- Engaging regime by creating internal insecurities and aggravation of differences inside Iran 3-Inhibition of regional power of Islamic Republic of Iran [--] Which they used all their power such as media, public diplomacy, creating organizations based on people and relation network and organizing opposition people with the target of civil disobedience and and covering all the funds to reach their goal." Image from

Radio, TV Martí to cut 35 positions: Because of anticipated federal budget cuts, Radio and TV Martí will eliminate 35 positions. Also, their programming is about to be changed - Daniel Shoer Roth, Miami Herald. Via LB.

VOA Censored in USA! - Bloomoon, My Time In Jordan: "I can see VOA propaganda being problematic–but shouldn’t we be allowed to hear what they’re telling others? … [W]e should have access to the media supported by our taxes."

Economic Experts Across Western Hemisphere To Convene In Miami-Dade County - South Florida Caribbean News: "Miami Council of International Visitors

belongs to a nationwide network of community-based volunteer organizations that is part of the National Council for International Visitors in Washington, D.C. The International Visitor Leadership Program participants are given the unique opportunity to gain insight and perspective from an American viewpoint on global and domestic issues, and share with U.S. citizens the challenges and opportunities in their home countries. U.S. Ambassadors have consistently ranked the International Visitor Leadership Program their number one tool for Public Diplomacy." Image from

Algerians vs. Chinese: a Chinatown show down - Kal, Maghreb Politics Review: "Algerians have not taken well to the large numbers of Chinese that have arrived in Algeria over the last decade, mostly to build the housing units and infrastructure projects president Bouteflika promised Algerians in 1999, 2004 and 2009. Algerians want those jobs. But they’ve gone to Chinese firms on Chinese terms. … The Chinese, realizing that their growing interests in the Arab world require protection and propagation, launch an Arabic language network. It follows that a rising Great Power should broadcast its propaganda as the established others do. Not to mention that without their own 'public diplomacy' station, they haven’t much damage control capacity when news of their latest abuse of some restive minority population."

Report by the Government of Georgia on the aggression by the Russian Federation against GeorgiaGeorgian Daily: Chapter 5: Crisis of Peace Formats and Escalation of Events January – 28 July 2008 … .

Following the Presidential elections in Georgia on 5 January 2008, the aforementioned creation of the Office of the State Minister for Reintegration correlated with the peaceful policies being pursued by Georgia. The main goal of the Office was to replace the disjointed conflict resolution process with a comprehensive set of integration processes. Georgia placed special emphasis on elevating the 'human factor' to the forefront of discussion and concern. Moreover, the Government attempted to involve the residents of Abkhazia and the South Ossetia/Tskhinvali region in these efforts. The increasing emphasis on the 'human factor' was designed to encourage economic interaction between the conflicting sides, the promotion of educational projects, public diplomacy, and increasing the role of the NGO sector." Image from

State assures Muslims of protection - Kenneth Ogosia, Saturday Nation: "The fight against terrorism will not undermine the rights of Muslims, a sessional paper recently presented to the Kenya Cabinet says. Kenya’s first ever foreign policy has been drafted to deal with terrorism and the welfare of Muslims who have repeatedly complained about harassment by state agents in an effort to deal with al Qaeda suspects. … The paper introduces a new concept known as cultural diplomacy, which is the linchpin of public diplomacy. It is a style of reaching out to all kinds of people and provide agenda for cooperation in spite of policy differences."


In Africa, Hillary Clinton is off to a good start: The secretary of State and President Obama are making strong statements, but they'll need to follow through – Editorial, Los Angeles Times

Michael Moore’s Anti-Americanism Doesn’t Always Sell Overseas - Pam Meiste, Big Hollywood. Image from

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