Monday, March 22, 2010

March 22

"7. Delete news related to the youtan poluo flower. ...

16. Do not report on the news of the Inner Mongolian female prosecutor who drove a luxury vehicle and who was reinstated after resigning

--From a set of Chinese government censorship guidelines; image: A Chinese man has reportedly found flowers growing from a steel pipe in his vegetable garden. ... Ding has consulted his neighbours, who believe the flowers are the legendary Youtan Poluo flower, which blossoms only once every 3,000 years."


Pak's Qureshi in US for strategic dialogue - Press Trust Of India: "Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi

arrived in Washington on Monday with a high-power delegation to hold the first-ever strategic dialogue with the US leaders, during which it is expected to seek civilian nuclear deal and military equipments aimed at balancing its power with India. ... Besides participating in the first ever strategic dialogue with the United States on March 24, Qureshi would also meet some several US lawmakers; including the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Senator John Kerry. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would lead the US delegation to the strategic dialogue. Other members of the delegation [include] ... Undersecretary of State for Public Diplomacy Judith McHale." Qureshi image from article

Appearances on Alhurra in the news - Kim Andrew Elliott reporting on International Broadcasting

Romania - “The Colors of Time” -- Romanian folklore exhibition in Oslo - ISRIA: "The Romanian folklore exhibition 'The Colors of Time' is part of a series of public diplomacy and cultural promotion events taking place in Norway this spring, that started with the 'Mărţişor' tradition celebration at the Embassy head office on March 2nd, organized by the Romanian students of the Oslo Management School.

On April 22nd there will be a presentation of Romanian wines, intended to help re-entry on the Norwegian market with a product that also carries cultural aspects; in that context a premiere will take place – the opening of the Romanian-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce. In May the Romanian Embassy, jointly with the Norwegian Film Institute, is organizing a one-week festival of contemporary Romanian film." Image: Administrative map of Greater Romania in 1930. the colors represent the historical regions (no administrative value)

Romania - Foreign Ministry hails the International Day of The Francophonie - ISRIA: "Romania is celebrating the International Day of The Francophonie today, March 20th, 2010, alongside the 70 member states and governments of the International Organization of The Francophonie (Organisation internationale de la Francophonie – OIF), under the slogan ' La diversité au service de la paix '(Diversity in the service of peace). At the same time, 2010 marks the 40th anniversary of the institutional Francophonie. In this context, in the very beginning of March the Romanian Foreign Ministry launched a series of cultural, artistic and public diplomacy events, both in the country and abroad, though Romania’s diplomatic missions. The aim of the events is to reaffirm Romania’s francophone identity and to make better known the Romanian culture and civilization in the relationship with the partner francophone countries."

Oda Highlights Importance Of Cervantes Institute For Spain - F Oliva, Gibraltar Chronicle: Speaking to pupils of the Virgen de la Esperanza school in La Linea yesterday, Sr Oda said that the Spanish language is one of Spain's most valuable resources. ... And he reiterated that the aim of the Instituto [Cervantes]

is to 'internationally promote Spanish Language and culture, that of South America, and the work of the institution itself.' Sr Oda further describes this as an intrinsic part of modern day international relations and public diplomacy." Image from


Taliban Propaganda Watch (RC South) – 212145utc Mar 10

Russia Invests Not in Journalism But Propaganda – Tom, Silicon Valley Watcher: "Robert Andrews is puzzled. Why Are Russians Spending Like Mad To Save Journalism? He writes:

‘The latest - after last year buying France-Soir, the country’s smallest daily, for €50 million, shipbuilder’s son Alexander Pugachyov is now spending a further €20 million on a marketing campaign to take it mainstream. He’s upping the print run by 20 times, has halved the cover price and has more than doubled newsroom staff from 40 to 100. Jealous? There’s no part of this that makes immediate sense. In fact, contrasted with the cutbacks, climbdowns and contraction many parts of the industry are seeing, it looks like madness. ... The Pugachyov scenario in France mirrors that of Alexander Lebedev in the UK ... The former KGB agent took the London Evening Standard, whose circulation was falling, off DMGT’s hands for just a nominal fee, forewent cover-price income in favour of free distribution on a higher print run, andpledged a £25 million investment over three years. '25 million investment??' That’s unheard of in today’s news publishing economy... Now Lebedev’s set to repeat the act by buying The Independent.’ I think I can help Mr Andrews understand what's going on. It has nothing to do with 'saving journalism.' These are prominent publications in their country. They are being bought not to make money but as vehicles to influence politics and society."
Image from article

Imperial Japan’s Propaganda – Andrew’s Animation Blog

Image from article

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