Monday, August 30, 2010

August 30

"Oratory is persuasion, not the declaiming of essays."

--Woodrow Wilson; cited in John Milton Cooper, Jr., Woodrow Wilson: A Biography (2009), p. 29; image from; on Wilson's Committee on Public Information, the USG's first "propaganda" agency, see


Information Entitlement Doctrine of Barack Obama - "Obama's negotiators were whipping up international support for new sanctions against North Korea at the same time the Central Intelligence Agency was reporting its judgment that those sanctions would probably induce the Pyongyang regime to test another nuke:

presidential diplomacy on the public stage to construct a concert of nations imposing sanctions on a rogue state, while that president's own, presumably trusted, analysts were back stage advising in a written document that success of the public diplomacy could backfire at 180 degrees to intended effect." Image from

Public Diplomacy in the Greater Middle East‎ - Donatella Scatamacchia, "In the specific context of the Mediterranean Dialogue and the Istanbul Cooperation Initiative, NATO’s new Strategic Concept should focus on the role that the Alliance plays in the Greater Middle East. A multilateral policy approach and a revitalized public diplomacy campaign are required in order to overcome current obstacles to cooperation in this region."

Another 500,000 Flee Indus Breaches Taliban threaten Aid Workers;Global Warming Implicated - Informed Comment, "Mark Metcalfe says: ... Regarding US and NATO aid – as well as the important public diplomacy angle – NATO logistics are working day and night to try and reopen/open up new routes into Afghanistan to supply the troops there.

Expect a lot of road-building equipment and bridges to be sent to Pakistan." Image from

Iran debates talks with Uncle Sam‎ - Kaveh L Afrasiabi, Asia Times Online: "Setting the stage for Ahmadinejad's New York visit in September to attend a United Nations General Assembly meeting, Iran's foreign policymakers are keen to cultivate elements of public diplomacy that would benefit Iran. At such a testy time, Iran must play its cards to perfection to avoid courting disaster."

Forum to boost China-Japan ties‎ - Li Xiaokun, Xinhua: "Recalling efforts to establish a communication channel between Beijing and Tokyo six years ago to revive relations damaged after a former Japanese prime minister visited Tokyo's Yasukuni Shrine, Japan's chief Cabinet secretary on Sunday assured Chinese elites he would help ensure successful cooperation between Japan and China. 'Such cooperation should help China realize its grand target, a real green economy that makes sure of development of both the economy and environment,' Yoshito Sengoku told Chinese and Japanese representatives attending a reception for a major forum on China-Japan relations.

Sengoku, one of the founders of the Beijing-Tokyo forum, said he joined the founding team in 2005 when 'a mechanism of sincere talks' with Beijing was needed to revive relations. ... Now the forum is a major platform for public diplomacy between the two nations. It will see nearly 200 leaders from the political, business, academic and media fields take part in a two-day discussion starting Monday in Tokyo. More than 800 students and journalists have applied for a seat to listen to the panel discussions." Image from

"Welcome to Hizbolandia" - Lena, Global Chaos: "I wanted to introduce what a Spanish newspaper called 'Hizbolandia': Hizballah's brand new open-air museum (dubbed a "theme park" by those who are familiar with the concept) in Southern Lebanon, bringing to life and perpetuating (at least, for the time being) the history of the "Resistance Movement". ... [C]an Hizballah be said to have a public diplomacy strategy? An attempt, perhaps? Not that there is no audience to reach out to: be it the Lebanese Diaspora, the greater Arab and Muslim public, or the international community, in general (they might be hoping to find sympathizers here and there).

Certainly, they have (as in the past) various means of putting out their message, most prominent of which is Al Manar TV. The latter not only streams its programming live online, but also provides English, Spanish, and French versions of its official website. However, with the construction of the Mleeta Museum, the organization seems to have come up with another great way of 'telling its story' to the world: the 'park' clearly aims to attract foreign attention and interest, as well as act as a major domestic PR and/or indoctrination tool." Image from article

Aug. 29 community briefs‎ - The Times of Trenton: "The Polish Arts Club of Trenton and the Embassy of the Republic of Poland are co-hosting a program of selected portions of the Laurence Rees British Broadcasting Corp. documentary, 'World War II Behind Closed Doors,' at 1 p.m. Oct. 24 at the Conference Center at Mercer County Community College in West Windsor. ... Key segments will be explained by Marek Konarzewski, minister-counselor at the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Washington and head of the Public Diplomacy and Education Section."

Information Operations: "learning from Madison Avenue" - James Frayne, The Campaign War Room: "I have always been slightly frustrated with parts of the public diplomacy world - particularly in the military - because of their scepticism about political and corporate communications.

In my experience they tend to assume that the rules of communications go out of the window in a conflict and constantly over-emphasise the complexity of communicating in harsh environments." Image from

Morning Session on Public Diplomacy: Seminar on Philippine Advancement through Security and Promotion of Information - Bernice Achacoso, The Catalyst: "The expansion of democracy in the modern times has shaped a new environment in the international system where in government can win hearts and minds of the people. Primarily this is how public diplomacy moves by striving to influence foreign nationals and the community with values, policies and actions of their very own government to be supported.

In this light, public diplomacy can be identified as the attempt of a nation to influence public or elites of the next leaders or other nations for the intention of using foreign policy for its objective. ... One strength of public diplomacy is that it makes use of soft power instead of hard power and has brought reliance of citizens on their local press and governments for information on foreign events, which amplified possible targets for diplomatic messages. ... The class was required to be present during the morning session of the SEM-CDA class s last august 28 which was about public diplomacy. Domingo Enerio, Assistant Secretary of the Department of Tourism did a phenomenal job as our speaker since he was very articulate and he had to fill in for the other speakers who were absent that day." Image: the author of this blog

Monday, August 30, 2010 Forum on PUBLIC DIPLOMACY - "Last August 28, 2010 was supposed to be my second time to attend the forum organized by the SEM-CDA but unfortunately due to my tummy I wasn’t able to attend. But I ask my classmate to help so that I will know what the forum is all about. The forum was about Public diplomacy. 'PUBLIC DIPLOMACY refers to government-sponsored programs intended to inform or influence public opinion in other countries; its chief instruments are publications, motion pictures, cultural exchanges, radio and television.' (U.S. Department of State, Dictionary of International Relations Terms, 1987, p. 85[.]"

OUT IN THE OPEN: PUBLIC DIPLOMACY (AM SESSION) - yara destura, "The topic was about Public Diplomacy.

The session lasted for I think about 45 minutes only and that gave a long time for the open forum. ... The best quote that I will always remember from this forum was: You are the BEST and NUMBER ONE Ambassador of your country." Image: the author of this blog

A Diplomat’s Progress – Book Review Essay [Henry Precht, A Diplomat’s Progress: Ten Tales of Diplomatic Adventure in and around the Middle East, Williams & Co: Savannah, Georgia 2005] - Patricia H. Kushlis, Whirled View: "When I worked in the Cultural Section at the US Embassy in Moscow years ago, a colleague observed that life in that puzzle palace on Ulitsa Tschaikovskova and in the capital city of America’s then number one enemy was challenging, difficult but never boring.

Henry Precht’s Ten Tales of Diplomatic Adventure in and around the Middle East suggest that his lengthy Foreign Service career brought him to a similar conclusion about his own diplomatic life." Image from article

My book on Nation Branding! - Efe, Reaching the Public - Personal Reflections on Public Diplomacy and Place/Nation Branding: "Finally, my book

on nation branding is published and is for sale. The book is practically based on my thesis research. Controlling the Message: A Strategic Approach to Nation Branding (ISBN: 3838389409) or Controlling the Message ,for short, is an attempt to describe the actual role of communication strategies, tools, and techniques in nation branding processes. ... Chapter 4 ... introduces a more practical side of nation branding. Political communication in nation branding is examined in three different parts. Firstly, rhetorical aspects, in other words how messages are formulated, are discussed. This discussion is followed by how messages are coded (i.e. coded through a public diplomacy project, coded through lobbying). Last part looks at the communication platforms (media) that are used to transmit the messages to target audiences." Image from

The Hidden Geopolitics of Cyberspace - USC Arts and Events Calendar: Annenberg Research Seminar: Conversations in Public Diplomacy: "The Annenberg Research Seminar series, the Center on Public Diplomacy and the Master’s in Public Diplomacy program host a conversation with Dr. Ronald Deibert. Deibert is an associate professor of political science and director of the Citizen Lab at the Munk Centre for International Studies at the University of Toronto. ... Diebert will discuss his current project, which monitors, analyzes and investigates the impact of power in cyberspace

as it relates to public diplomacy. This event, the last in a series of Canadian-U.S. Fulbright Chair in Public Diplomacy talks, is a presentation of the Annenberg Research Seminar series." Image from

POSCO Visiting Fellowship Program, USA - "Nature of the Fellowship POSCO visiting fellows are in residence at the East-West Center for one to two months and undertake research and writing on an agreed topic. Fellows are provided with a stipend and round trip economy airfare between their home base and Honolulu. They are required to give one seminar, prepare a high quality paper to be submitted for publication, and join in East-West Center activities. The Fellow may also be asked to participate in local outreach and public diplomacy activities. Proposals for cost-shared fellowships are welcomed."

Friendly Introduction - elliequent: "Erin [no last name provided], in addition to being an accomplished and much-lauded composer, is also a PhD candidate studying international public diplomacy. And you think YOU'RE busy."

Public Affairs Specialist - Yemen Jobs: "Required Qualifications ... Knowledge: Thorough knowledge of host country’s political, media, economic, social and educational structure, institutions, political parties, and key figures in influential institutions; of public diplomacy programs; public relation techniques; and US public relations concerns as expressed in the Mission Program Plan goals and objectives.

Skills and Abilities: Ability to develop and maintain contacts at various levels in cultural, government, media and educational circles; excellent writing skills; proven communication and interpersonal skills; as incumbent is expected to use an extensive range of contacts with high level influential leaders in skillfully addressing public diplomacy issues; excellent management skills to prioritize and organize a complex work schedule to stay on top of ongoing programs while planning upcoming programs; developed training and supervisory skills; and ability in report drafting." Image from


Getting a handle on Strategic Communication - Jack Holt, "I believe ... we have the wrong mental model for strategic communication. In some circles the model is depicted as an orchestra. In an orchestra everyone has their instrument and their piece of the music but they must play in tune and time with every other person. While this model has it's [sic]

truths, I believe it is inaccurate for communication. To communicate means to 'share' or 'to make common.' Communication is about action, moving something from one place to another. Communication is about doing things; human beings doing. This orchestra model leaves out the audience. They have either to like the music or not but are not considered part of the outcome. ... Strategic Communication is about engaging and being engaged by all the stakeholders and helping them understand events as they occur in the accomplishment of the goal." Image from

The Obama Birth Controversy - Todd Leventhal, Interestingly, determined that Obama was originally both a U.S. citizen and a citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies from 1961 to 1963 (because his father was from Kenya, which gained its independence from the British Empire in 1963), then both a U.S. and Kenyan citizen from 1963 to 1982, and solely a U.S. citizen after that.

Taliban Propaganda – Why Has it Been So Effective? - While many people realize that what is said and written in Taliban propaganda is just that, propaganda, still has an effect on them. This is because they hear the same message over and over again. Even if it sounds obviously false, there comes a time when the audience starts to believe what they hear is true.

Mining for baseball diamonds - William Wan, Washington Post: An estimated 300 million Chinese now play basketball - roughly the size of the entire U.S. population. This country is the NBA's largest foreign merchandise market. And when the league launched a separate entity called "NBA China" two years ago, Goldman Sachs estimated its value at $2.3 billion. That success has left other sports salivating. The National Football League has flown in players (and attractive cheerleaders) to make its case. Professional golf is also making a push. Even World Wrestling Entertainment is trying to sell its spandex-clad, muscle-bound act here. Far behind the NBA, but somewhere at the head of this second wave, is Major League Baseball. Its officials have adopted a guerrilla-warfare-type strategy - identifying areas where baseball can gain ground at minimal cost and settling in for the long haul.

Via MP. Image: under the title, The Chinese Know Baseball Needs More Cheerleaders

The (propaganda) empire strikes in China - Kent Ewing, Asia Times: China's leaders are enlisting 50 Chinese celebrities in an unprecedented international advertising campaign to improve the country's global image. The charm offensive is set to begin this September, ahead of celebrations for 61st birthday of the People's Republic of China (PRC) on October 1. In the end, the greatest self-defeating irony of China's global media blitz is the shackles that its leaders place on national media and the great firewall of censorship they have attempted to erect in cyberspace. China's state propaganda machine may be reaching out to the world, but an army of censors at home is busy blocking the world from reaching China.

Propaganda's big guns - John Garnaut, Sydney Morning Herald: The man who established the Global Times as a powerful nationalistic platform, Wang Chen, is now in charge of China's internet as well as "foreign" propaganda.

Warped, Twisted "Hall of Mirrors" vs. Actual Truth - During World War Two, propaganda posters became something of an art form and some examples are very well known even today.

It’s been claimed that truth is often the first casualty of war, and it is very interesting to see how the events of the time were depicted in posters and leaflets from both sides of the conflict. Image from article


Longest pizza record attempt in Poland - BBC NEWS: Residents of the Polish city of Krakow have attempted to break the world record for the longest pizza in the world. The current record for the largest pizza is 407m (445 yds), but the Poles are trying to break it with one reaching more than 1,000m (1093 yds).

It has not yet been officially announced whether the record has been broken. Via LB. Image from article


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