Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April 29-30 Public Diplomacy Review - censored by hotmail computers?

As has occurred in the recent past on several occasions, the Public Diplomacy Press and Blog Review (this time the April 29-30 edition) apparently did not reach its hotmail subscribers via FeedBurner. On the other hand, this edition of the PDPBR reached Google email subscribers, as my own Google account illustrates.

Am quite puzzled why some PDPBRs are not delivered to hotmail subscribers,while to other subscribers are.  I wondered about this, I looked again at the April 29-30 PDPBR, and realized that the word "pedophile" was mentioned in it, by the brilliant author/diplomat Peter van Buren in the following entry:

War Toys for Kids: Back to the Future in Afghanistan - Peter van Buren, We Meant Well: Hit the Google with the search term “iraq giving toys to children” and you’ll come up with pages of photos.

And they are all the same: a U.S. service member dressed like a Space Marine handing over some plastic piece of junk to some kid. Sometimes one or both are smiling, often times not. The images feel more like some freakish form of pedophilia than even decent propagandaImage from entry

Could the pedo word be a no-no for hotmail junkmail computer commissars?

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