Sunday, September 3, 2017

Donald Trump's new ambassador in Berlin: Who is Richard Grenell?

Image from article, with caption: Grenell was a spokesman for hawkish US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton
Under the Bush administration, Grenell was the Director of Communications and Public Diplomacy on the diplomatic team of four different US Ambassadors to the United Nations (UN) at a time when the US pursued a military-friendly "cowboy diplomacy" foreign policy. Key topics over the course of Grenell's tenure there included US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Iranian and North Korean nuclear policy and the alleged involvement of Syria in Lebanese politics. ...
Grenell served as a political advisor and media spokesman for various Republican politicians and campaigns, including John McCain's 2000 bid for the presidency. In 2009, Grenell founded Capital Media Partners, a strategic international communications firm. He continues to be a frequent media commentator. ...

Trump's reported nomination of Grenell sends a "mixed message" to the German government: he is at once both a "Trump loyalist" and "conservative foreign pundit" and a "real foreign policy person."

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