Thursday, September 7, 2017

Global cities and public diplomacy

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#globalcities Today I am uploading a bonus to my lectures on public diplomacy. I did not deliver a separate presentation on global cities in a class room, but tried to cover this topic much more broadly that I initially intended - as the most important layer of substate diplomacy. Here I am trying to show that states and cities can cooperate on various levels, as well as they can compete. Cities can have their own say and - depending to a large (or some?) extent on the political and administrative system in a country - can participate in a global exchange of ideas, policies, goods, services and many more fields. The open question that remains in my head is: in what sense do the global cities benefit and suffer from globalisation? Are they engines of the process or just the addressee? The presentation is available here: I also recommend some further reading on global cities: Chicago Council on Global Affairs and everything they write on the topic: Economist Intelligence Unit and @Citibank report PwC research on cities of opportunity ATKearney Global Cities Index photo taken by myself

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