Thursday, September 7, 2017

Repeated entry, after (again) viewing the mis-formatting entries from the Public Diplomacy Press Review sent by Google emails via listserv (three entries per day), 9/7

To valued recipients of the Public Diplomacy Press and Blog Review (PDPBR) via listserv.

In recent days I have noticed that some of the texts sent to you by email have inadequate formatting. When they are posted on the PDPBR home page, their formatting is fine; but when they appear as emails the formatting is at times out of kilter. 

I'm afraid there's nothing I know that I can do about this. 

My suggestion, for what it's worth: If you find the text of a PDPBR email difficult/irritating to read, click on the link immediately above the text. That should lead to the text on the PDPBR blog, which as a rule is adequately formatted.

Also, you can gain quick access to the PDPR archives (with adequately formatted entries), which include its latest entries (including some posted after ca. 6:00 pm, when the listserv distributes daily emails to its subscribers) by clicking on "You are subscribed to email updates from Public Diplomacy Press and Blog Review," located near the very bottom of your email via Google.

[Added to the original entry: Thank you for your kind attention. Am sure you have more important matters to use/amuse (I won't say abuse) your intelligence about].

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