Friday, December 23, 2016

A Double Standard for Women

LETTER:  A Double Standard for Women, DEC. 22, 2016, New York Times

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To the Editor:

Trump, Seeking Ambassadors, Sorts Through Advisers’ Competing Priorities” (news article, Dec. 22) illustrates so perfectly in a single line the double standard to which women are held by marginalizing me with the label “socialite” and defining my life by reference to a man.

During my career I have successfully run two international companies; sat on the boards of both the Atlantic Council and Business Executives for National Security; and undertaken projects on behalf of both the State and Defense Departments in locales as diverse as the Balkans, Djibouti and Iraq.

On account of such efforts, I was appointed to the United States Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy, a position for which I was unanimously confirmed by the Senate in the last year.

The New York Times likes to push the theme of a “war on women,” but the irony is that it is an active participant itself.

New York

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