Wednesday, December 28, 2016

American video diplomacy "at its best " ... (a Faceless entry), I hope not "fake."

John Brown; via BC on Facebook

11 minsAnd now we have (may I claim credit for the term, having done a quick internet search and not found this designation) ... video diplomacy ... American dips degustate Norwegian food, expressing their strong, tactful (?) reservations about Norwegian culinary achievements ...

P.S. If the above is not "fake news," can't wait for a sexy video from the Norwegian Embassy (or any other gastronomically-inclined embassy in Washington) from their ambassadors to the American Re/public on "Why I can't stand/digest your stinking, tasteless, constipation-producing, obese-causing BigMacs." :)

JB Facebook entry -- American video diplomacy at its best [?] (via BC) Americans Try Norwegian Christmas Food ...

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