Saturday, November 3, 2018

Items on Public Diplomacy from American Diplomacy (UNC Chapel Hill)

American Diplomacy

  Insight and Analysis from Foreign Affairs Practitioners and Scholars   •   Online since 1996   •   Editor: Beatrice Camp

  • Books of Interest
    UNC Chapell Hill

    She is a strong advocate for the importance of public diplomacy in the conduct of foreign affairs. In her 27-year career with the Department of State she ...
  • US Diplomatic Engagement and Cultural Heritage Protection
    UNC Chapell Hill

    U.S. diplomacy can embrace and most effectively build a cultural heritage policy by clearly assigning specific responsibilities to our public diplomacy ...
  • How Summer Adventures Become Diplomacy
    UNC Chapell Hill

    ... these programs are by no means interchangeable, but we see them as playing important complementary roles in our public diplomacy in Poland.".
  • A Media Journey: from Edward R. Murrow to Fake News
    UNC Chapell Hill

    Subsequent Foreign Service assignments included directing our public diplomacy—that is our government's effort to inform and persuade foreign ...

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