Friday, March 21, 2014

For kind "Hotmail" subscribers to the "Public Diplomacy Press and Blog Review"

Dear Friends,

What I hope is a harmless and, in these troubled times, I hope occasionally amusing "Public Diplomacy Press and Blog Review" (PDPBR) continues to be relegated on occasion (to the best of my knowledge), to Feed Burner PDPBR subscribers with hotmail accounts to "junk mail."

The PDPBR is produced on a near-daily basis. If you long, which I doubt (as I know you wish to keep your sanity), to receive it in a timely fashion, may I kindly advise you, if you have a hotmail account, to check, on and off, your hotmail "junk mail" account.

I cannot help but note: John Brown, to some, may be a dangerous name, associated, as it is, with the Abolitionist movement in these United States of America.



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