Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Bea Edwards, GAP's International Program Director, to Speak at Syracuse University Annual Symposium

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Staff, November 03, 2015

On Thursday, November 5th, the Syracuse University Association of Public Diplomacy Scholars will host its Annual Symposium: Building a More Secure World: Public Diplomacy for 21st Century Actors. The event will convene at 9:00 am at the Center For Strategic International Studies, 1616 Rhode Island Avenue NW, Washington, DC. GAP’s [see] International Program Director Bea Edwards will participate and discuss long term support for democratic governance and the promotion of human rights through whistleblower protection. Check out the full program here!

Questions to be addressed in the 2015 Symposium:
1. How are traditional institutions – Governments and IGOs -- dealing with new challenges, new communication vehicles and far broader, youthful, and engaged audiences?
2. What are the successes and shortcomings of non-traditional PD?
3. What are opportunities for improved cooperation between traditional PD institutions and transnational NGO networks?
4. What are the limits and boundaries to government-NGO cooperation?
5. How can their efforts help advance a more secure and just world?
Panels will begin with each speaker giving a brief presentation, followed by approximately 20 minutes of moderated discussion. The sessions will conclude with facilitated audience Q and A.
- See more at: http://whistleblower.org/blog/020203-bea-edwards-gaps-international-program-director-speak-syracuse-university-annual#sthash.piRyJ9us.dpuf

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