Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Cutuli.it the Blog for professionals of Italy-USA relations launches weekly newsletter


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Start’n’Stripes - http://www.cutuli.it - the first Italian Blog, in English, specifically dedicated to the professionals in relations between Italy and the United States, launches the weekly newsletter 'Breaking Post'.
The Blog curated by Carmelo Cutuli, expert in Communication and Public Relations with international experiences, deals with opportunities linked to various aspects of interest for the Italian professionals who operate between the two shores of the Atlantic.
Among the most interesting sections of the Blog Start’n’Stripes, are the one dedicated to the Save the Dates, with the highlighting of events of interests, the one related to the reviews of books and technical manuals, and a Who's Who dedicated to the profiles of the most influencing personalities in the Italy-US relations.

There is also Italian Startups, a section dedicated to the review of Italian Startups. The section extra-followed overseas, implies the sending of the reviews in newsletters to a public of over 2000 users, US Business Angels and Venture Capitals.

"The relations between Italy and the US - states Cutuli - are today living a golden age and, thanks also to Expo Milan, the Italian professionals that decide to specialize in cultural, diplomatic and commercial relations with the USA are multiplying. So Start'n'Stripes proposes itself as an active space on the web in order to promote the inter-exchange of experiences and informations inside this professional Community. The newsletter, which already includes a thousand of registered users, completes the bouquet of tools, among which are the social medias, aimed at letting our public interact."

Carmelo Cutuli, one of the first Italian professionals in Public Relations to have become interested in the field of Nation Branding and Public Diplomacy, has developed a wide experience in relations with the US. Today he is a component of the Board of Directors of the Italian-American Chamber of Commerce in the Midwest, with head office in Chicago and General Secretary for Italy of the Civitan International, one of the major American Organizations of Service, with head office in Birmingham, state of Alabama.

The subscription to the newsletter is free and it is possible to register by using the form available on the Blog Start’n’Stripes at the URL http://www.cutuli.it

Read more: http://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/2739008#ixzz3r6eHYkOF

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