Sunday, November 15, 2015

Freed Briton ‘ashamed,’ thanks KSA

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LONDON: An elderly Briton who went home on Thursday after Saudi Arabia released him says he is “ashamed and embarrassed” about the actions that led to his arrest, according to The Telegraph.

Karl Andree, 74, who was behind bars for being caught with homemade wine in Jeddah, said the early stages surrounding his arrest left him feeling “embarrassed.”

He added: “It's that shame and humiliation which is the worst part and it didn't go away quickly, it kept me awake at night. I feel sad I've lost a whole year of my life, basically, and that to the twilight of my years — it saddens me actually.”
He said: “If I'd given it a bit of thought I wouldn't be in this position.”

But he added he has a “lovely” family who is supporting him at home and he will do “something to rebuild my life.”

He said: “Thank you for all your efforts on my behalf. (Prime Minister) David Cameron and (Foreign Secretary) Philip Hammond took time out of their busy schedules to deal with my case and I appreciate that greatly, and also the Saudis for cooperating.”

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As any decent human being should be, I am certainly content that senior citizen Karl Andree has been released and made it back home healthy to the UK. Nevertheless, it is heartbreaking to see the immense negative impact this tabloid-led campaign has had all across Europe in respect to the Kingdom’s image. Which begs the question why someone, who has enjoyed working in Saudi Arabia as a welcomed guest for over two decades still has such little respect for the countries laws that he finds it necessary to produce and even worse ‘distribute’ alcohol to a third person. Sadly, there are millions of expats who just couldn’t care less and get away with that ‘arrogant’ attitude. At least Karl Andree had the courtesy to admit that he was treated extremely well by the Saudi authorities while serving his sentence, yet this will not invalidate the damage to public diplomacy.

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