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Welcome to Ivan Gomez Global Studies.

The latest way to research, query and communicate global affairs to interested audiences.

This blog is intended to share current global issues that capture the global public opinion.

I am a global affairs independent researcher specialized in international relations, political economy and human rights. I love to challenge stream media opinionated views with an in-depth critical analysis and I love to share it with thirsty for contrasted information audiences.

My academic background is rooted in the studies of sociology, politics, economy and culture with a global perspective through my BA in International Studies and MA in International Relations.

My professional background was in global finance and political risk in emerging markets which helped me understand how global financial structures worked in producing the worst financial crisis the “West” has ever grown through.

Within my main interests are the global relations -that involve all global agents- and not merely the international relations -that involve only the relations among nation-states. I am deeply interested in Political economy, North-South and South-South relations, and I follow Wallerstein’s world systems theory and other authors like Thomas Piketty, Joseph Stiglitz.

I am currently doing a Phd in International Affairs at the United Nations University “Euclid” based in the Global South.

Also, I am the author of the book “The Post-Capitalist era” published in 2013 in English and available at Amazon.

And last but not least, I have been an active contributor in publications like The daily journalist.com where I have published articles regarding different topics that you will find posted on this blog as well.

I look forward to meeting you all and share ideas with you in upcoming conferences and activities.

Make yourself confortable and enjoy the rest of the blog.

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