Thursday, November 5, 2015

Justin Trudeau To Diplomats: It's A 'New Era' For International Engagement

Mike Blanchfield,

Trudeau image from article

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has unshackled his top diplomats.
Trudeau sent a letter Wednesday to the ambassadors and high commissioners of Canada's foreign missions telling them he and his cabinet will be relying on their judgment and insight to advance Canada's foreign policy goals.
The letter, a copy of which was obtained by The Canadian Press, tells them that Wednesday marks a "new era" for Canada's international engagement, and they have a critical role to play.
The letter marks a reversal of the strict message control that the Harper Conservative government imposed on its most seasoned diplomats over much of the past decade. ...
The message was well received by top ranking diplomats around the globe.
"It's a breath of fresh air and a completely new style — an inspiring expression of trust and confidence in us," one Canadian ambassador told The Canadian Press on the condition they or their country not be named.
Trudeau goes on to say that, as "a Head of Mission, you are on the front lines of our diplomatic efforts," and he tells them they have a "critical role" to play in the advancement of Canadian foreign policy.
"I expect that you will be engaged energetically in public diplomacy with other diplomats, host government officials, civil society, and the media — in all manner of ways — through direct contact, the media, and social media," he writes.
"My cabinet colleagues and I will be relying on your judgment, insights, discretion, and work ethic in advancing our interests. I have every confidence that your reporting and our interactions when I am abroad will provide a critical, factual basis for our policies." ...

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