Monday, November 9, 2015

Public opinion ‘an important power component’ today

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Iran’s Javad Zarif [see] has told a meeting of Foreign Ministry media and public diplomacy constitute an important component of power in today’s world.

Zarif addressed a meeting to introduce Foreign Ministry’s news spokesman on Sunday where a group of FM staff and higher officials attended. Zarif appreciated the good services by Mrs. Marzieh Afkham, now chosen to represent Iran as the first female ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Malaysia; “Mrs. Afkham druing two years of serving in her position as spokeswoman of the Foreign Ministry, gained an excellent record of service in the position through patience, insight, and bravery, attending the duty with due stability and necessary vigor,” he told the meeting.

Zarif also told the meeting that media and public diplomacy as a profession, art, and science, provided countries with an important means of power and constitute itself a component of power, through which the diplomat, while respecting the people’s demands, handles the daily stresses and excitements inherent in the issues of national dimensions; “I hope the new spokesman who assumes position after Mrs. Afkham will successfully attend his duties in a time of crisis and difficult and challenging situations through his capabilities, commitment, and strong expression abilities, as he had in the past in other positions,” Zarif invested hopes.

“The mainstream media with a commitment to the Revolutionary ideals, could be excellent collaborators to the Foreign Ministry, its spokesman, and the whole public diplomatic machinery, and committing to the expediencies of the country, help foreign policy objective attaining through fair and constructive criticism,” he demanded.

Marzieh Afkham, former spokeswoman, for her part, evaluated the place of public diplomacy especially post-JCPOA [see], whose success entailed unassuming efforts and innovation; she expressed gratitude and thanks for the Foreign Ministry staff, and believed that the option made immediately for the position was timely and brilliant.

Hossein Jaberi, the new FM Spokesman also briefly addressed the meeting, expressing gratitude to Mrs. Afkham and all former spokesmen of the Foreign Ministry; “this is not merely the responsibility of an individual or an organization, but a collection of government bodies and civil society organizations should work together to advance foreign policy objectives,” he added.

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