Sunday, November 1, 2015

Run this marathon: India-Africa summit elaborates road map for long-term engagement

Rajiv Bhatia, blogs.timesofindia.indiatimes

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The third India-Africa Forum Summit has been depicted as truly historic. It is so for three reasons: it was the largest assembly of African leaders (of 54 countries) outside Africa; the biggest gathering of Africa’s 41 heads of state/government on Indian soil; and it saw India unveiling a bigger development cooperation package than ever before. ... 
Initial feedback suggests a few disappointments . ...
Civil society too needs to step up its role. Journalists, thinktanks, artists as well as youth and women activists have a role to play. So do all of us, the aam admi [?], who should welcome African people with smiles and open arms.
African leaders conveyed their concerns on this count to India. The PM has assured them that African students, tourists and residents would have “a more supportive environment to live, study and train in India”. The New Delhibased African diplomatic corps, with its skills and assets, could contribute through pro-active public diplomacy. ...

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