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Upcoming Training in Soft Diplomacy Skills

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Soft diplomacy resides in the ability to understand others to obtain
specific outcomes employing tactful techniques to gain strategic
advantage or to find common solutions to a challenge.

This 4-day intensive trainings aims at giving participants an opportunity to develop a set of high-level, unique skills necessary for international encounters. By the end of the course, participants will feel empowered to conduct international relations at ease, be it a meeting or a negotiation.

Soft diplomacy tools include public diplomacy, negotiation techniques, cultural understanding and cross cultural communication proficiency, intelligent use of public relations and media relations competence. Moreover, sociological and anthropological analyses of current prominent civilisations such as the Middle East, China, Africa or India set understanding from the current status quo to the international future crafting.
  • Public Diplomacy Skills
  • Relations with the Media
  • Cross Cultural Awareness
  • European Perceptions of Arab Culture
  • The Rise of China
  • Relations with sub-Saharan Africa
  • India Insights
  • Negociation Skills
This programme can be followed in 3 different modes of study:
Intensive Mode

14 - 17 Dec 2015 

Classes take place from Monday to Thursday9.30 am. to 5.15 pm.
In-House Mode
08 April - 17 June 2016

Classes take place on Fridays4.45 pm - 8.00 pm and Saturdays 10.00 am - 1.15 pm.
Online Mode
15 Jan - 11 March 2016

Classes (video recordings, presentations) are released 
on a weekly basis.
Among the experts for this module:
  • Ines Pires, ISPD Founder and CEO, Soft Diplomacy Skills Specialist and Protocol Expert
  • Wolfgang Streitenberger, Media Advisor of the European Commission
  • Nadja Milanova, Serving Diplomat with Years of Experience in the UN and NATO
  • Sandra Schott, Middle Eastern Studies and Public Diplomacy Expert
  • Laure Dykstra, Founder of East West Conseil Intercultural Management
  • Doreen Walseer-Sore, Expert in Communication in Africa
  • and many others
Other upcoming programmes:
  • Train the Officer, 15 - 17 February 2016
  • Protocol Basics14 - 17 March 2016
  • Protocol Applied18 - 21 April 2016
  • Soft Diplomacy Skills23 - 26 May 2016
  • Summer School11 -14 July 2016
Who should attend?

Embassy personnel; European Union officials; international organisations staff; university students in the fields of politics; international relations, communication and PR professionals; business people; journalists; interpreters; hospitality and customer service managers; VIP and guests managers; event organisers and public relations representatives.

For more details, please contact our Front Office at or 00 32 2 830 12 22.

The International School of Protocol and Diplomacy
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1040 Brussels, Belgium

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