Thursday, March 31, 2016

A note to Public Diplomacy Press and Blog Review e-mail subscribers

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Dear Subscribers,

For those of you who perhaps have not noticed it, the full edition of the Public Diplomacy Press and Blog Review (PDPBR) for a given day can be obtained by clicking on Public Diplomacy Press and Blog Review at the bottom of the email you receive. The email itself (sent ca. 5:00 pm EST) contains only three items (full-text) for a given day; more full-text items are accessible by clicking on the above link at the bottom of the email.

FYI, Google lists items not thematically, but by when they are posted on the PDPBR Google blog.

Best, John (Brown)

P.S. For subscribers using g-mail: Usually (but not always) the PDPBR appears in gmail's "promotions" section rather than in its "primary" email section. So, please do check the gmail "promotion" if you have the time/desire/patience to keep up to date with PDPBR items.

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