Saturday, March 26, 2016

Diplomacy and Death

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President Obama is criticized for ‘playing tourist’ during his historic trip to Cuba despite the latest ISIS terror attack, this time at an airport and subway stop in Europe

Explosions that tore through the departures area at Brussels’ international airport and a subway station in the heart of the Belgian capital Tuesday one hour apart left 31 people dead and 300 injured. ...
Thousands of miles away from Belgium, President Obama ended his historic trip to Cuba with a confident challenge to its communist leaders Tuesday, pressing them to keep pace with the changes he set in motion for a new era in the relationship between the neighboring nations. ...
During his speech, the president pledged support to Belgium.
“This is yet another reminder that the world must unite,” he said. “We must be together, regardless of nationality or race or faith in fighting against the scourge of terrorism.”
The president conferred privately with his national security staff and other world leaders about the international response, but marched on with his day of public diplomacy. ...

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