Saturday, March 26, 2016

Respect is earned, not given, Franklin Cudjoe

Kwarteng, Francis,

Cudjoe image from
[T]he founding president of IMANI, Franklin Cudjoe, recently denounced the disrespectful conduct of a minority Scottish MPs reportedly toward President Mahama and his entourage. Cudjoe was reported to have said on radio: “I do not understand what it is with our missions in the UK. If they had done extensive calculations, they would have been able to determine whether that visit to the Scottish Parliament was needed at all.” ...
Clearly, Cudjoe’s radio interview is characteristic of a heavy truckload of carefully arranged orthographic matrix of trailing words, phrases, and sentences. There is however a bit of an uncreative attempt on his part to casualize a supposedly serious diplomatic gaffe by giving it a curious if unstrategic facelift in the sphere of public diplomacy. ...

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