Friday, April 15, 2016

Light and Shadow exhibition opens in Israel

Larisa Gulyakevich, TVR

image -- a 1903 ethnographic map of "Belorussian tribes" -- from

Light and Shadow exhibition, which represents Belarus of the early 20th century, opened in Israel. The unique works of Belarusian photographer Lev Dashkevich for decades were kept in the funds of our historical museum. And now, after the restoration, valuable documents found new life.

Lev Dashkevich was one of the first photographers in Belarus. Even then, more than 100 years ago, he explored the world of shadows in the photo. He did researches in oncology medicine, created a photo-school, was a teacher and ethnographer.

Oleg Ryzhkov, Director of the National History Museum of Belarus: "The natives of Belarus, living in Israel, wanted to show their homeland for the people of Israel. and I am once again very pleased to confirm that public diplomacy is alive. It is the most effective way of friendship between the peoples."

Belarusian exhibition Light and Shadow after Israel will be sent to Astana, then to a historical and cultural journey to other countries. And only at the end of the tour it will be officially opened in Belarus.

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