Monday, April 4, 2016

We are striving to remove misperceptions about Pakistan: envoy to Germany

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His Excellency Ambassador Jauhar Saleem is a Pakistani career diplomat who is currently serving as Pakistan’s ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany. ...
AJS: There was Islamophobia in Europe in certain segments of society long before the refugee crisis. However, the crisis has exacerbated this feeling as is evident from the recent showing of extreme right wing parties.
The recent episodes of terrorism in Europe have also heightened such misplaced feelings. We are striving to remove any misperceptions about Pakistan and Islam through all means available such as public diplomacy, cultural diplomacy and reaching out to civil society in the host country. I am personally reaching out to the leadership, intelligentsia, opinion makers and community leaders. Pakistani diaspora has a key role in this regard and we have fully engaged them in this joint endeavor. ...

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