Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Celebrating World Press Freedom Day

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May 3, 2016
Happy World Press Freedom Day! Commemorate this international holiday by checking out these CPD Blog posts about how public diplomacy can be used to encourage freedom of the press around the world. 
1) Public Diplomacy and Press Freedom by Philip Seib. On why the U.S. should use public diplomacy to promote more freedom of the press internationally. 
2) Press Freedom Under Pressure: The Widening Gap Between Turkey's PD Rhetoric and Reality by Ellen Huijgh. Exploring the discord between Turkey's democratic rhetoric and its actions. 
3) The VOA Charter is a Good Mission Statement. So Why Has It So Often Been Ignored? by David S. Jackson. The VOA misunderstands its own mission statement.
4) Tough Nut: BBC Plans a North Korean Service by Kim Andrew Elliott. The BBC is planning a radio service to N. Korea, and will have to navigate a landmine to do so.
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Photo by Afghanistan Matters/CC by-SA 2.0, Photo by Mark Male | CC by-SA 2.0, Photo by Wikimedia Commons, Photo by Karl Schumacher / Public Domain, Photo by Frühtau I CC 2.0

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