Saturday, May 14, 2016

Ghana undoubtedly needs another “non-partisan” NRC

image from article, with caption: Ghana Flag

The idea that each of the political parties might want to gain some advantage over each other in the upcoming general elections could be the primary motivating factor instigating and feeding these widespread allegations of voter fraud. But we all know these serious allegations will go nowhere as has happened in many a situation, granted that incumbency advantage makes for easy owning and manipulating of the BNI.
And what about the Ghanaian parliament?
We better not take this trajectory there, the Ghanaian parliament, that is, since this institution is almost non-functional and non-functioning when it comes to its mandate of defending the public interest and the national interest.
What is more, the intrusive presence of executive dominance and incumbency advantage in the body politic of public diplomacy is such that it takes precedence over parliamentary assertiveness, prerogatives and privileges, thus potentially inactivating or undermining the constitutive jurisdiction of parliamentary assertiveness—primarily.
Worse of all, executive advantage and incumbency advantage also trump the collective wisdom of popular sovereignty, as it is forced onto the background of social and political irrelevance, and in effect, usurping or assuming the moral voice of popular sovereignty and rather, ironically, making it their own. In that case what should have been the moral conscience of the masses rather become a mere appendage to political opportunism as well as to parliamentary and executive dictatorship, with the masses’ moral conscience losing its commanding oversight of societal evil. ...
Ghana undoubtedly needs another “non-partisan” National Reconciliation Commission (NRC), to investigate and then prosecute all the political criminals . ...

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