Tuesday, May 10, 2016

More on a tempest-in-a-teapot, inside-the-DC-beltway minor controversy pertaining to public diplomacy (that in fact has nothing to do with American public diplomacy at its best)


Marie Ciliberti LIttle twerp is also in charge of U.S. international broadcasting which is just one of the reasons why the USA has lost the information battle.
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John Brown Marie -- Please allow my cynicism, but I suspect that Mr. Samuels, in his far too overlong piece on an once (?) aspiring writer turned minor WH wordsmith, was hyping the rather modest, unpretentious Ben R primarily as a way of advertising himself, Samuels (i.e., "my access to the inner, little-known sources of power at the White House that I alone was able to disclose to you") ..
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Marie Ciliberti Co Pan mowi? The quote you used was spot-on: Rhodes’ main job is “strategic communication”—meaning to sell Obama’s foreign policy to Congress and the public. If Rhodes is as powerful and skillful and clever as this article claims, the question should...See More
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Marie Ciliberti In his role in international broadcasting, Mr Ben Twerple exhibits a determination to close Radio/TV Marti as well as dismantle VOA Spanish to Latin America. The self-styled boy wonder also proposed to defederalize the VOA. Believes the entire world is on FB and Twitter.
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John Brown Marie, FYI, My brief encounter with an aspiring novelist some six years ago ... http://johnbrownnotesandessays.blogspot.com/.../cultural...
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John Brown Hi Marie, Ok with you if I post our FB exchange on my PD blog? Best, john
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Marie Ciliberti That's OK, Pan Jan. Hope I don't hear a knock on my door at 2am...... Can't worry about losing my job because I'm retired now. smile emoticon
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