Tuesday, May 3, 2016

New Chinese investors make their way in to India to fund 150 startups

Vishal Krishna, YourStory.com

image from article
[T]he Chinese want to bury the notion that they have not missed the investment boom in India. In fact, they say that it has only just begun. This week a group of 16 Chinese investors met around 150 startups – focussed on consumer, data analytics, e-commerce and technology services – in a closed door session in Bengaluru to seed these companies with growth capital. ...
However, the challenges are enormous. Most of these companies will have to operate through their Singapore holdings. The problem at hand is more in the realm of public diplomacy and politics between the two nations. The Chinese investors who YourStory spoke to suggest that they have no idea about India and that they are often misled by state-owned media back home.
Nevertheless, at least 10 of the 150 odd startups will walk off with cheques for growth capital. This meeting of Chinese investors was in closed doors. But they want a streamlined approach to finding their way into India. It was about time they came in because their arrival meant Indian students could benefit from more funding, jobs, and an opportunity to create large companies. Let the “Red Dragon” show you the way.

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