Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Stengel: Trump's Anti-Muslim Rhetoric 'Hurts Our Public Diplomacy All Around the World'

Stengel MSNBC image from entry

[UNDER SECRETARY OF STATE FOR PUBLIC DIPLOMACY AND PUBLIC AFAIRS] STENGEL: "We’re a nation founded on religious freedom with no religious test. And we’re it telling people to accept Muslims, Syrian refugee immigrants. The Germans have accepted 1.5 million. It -- it goes against our message of who we are as a people. What we have tried to project all — for years and years, Joe, as you know and you cited, we’re a city on a hill."


STENGEL: "And -- a shining city on a hill for people around the world. And this anti-Muslim rhetoric, the building of walls, this kind of thing hurts our public diplomacy all around the world. It’s just a fair and honest appraisal of it."

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