Monday, May 9, 2016

Thousands visit Pakistan Embassy in US to celebrate annual cultural event

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Thousands visit Pakistan Embassy in US to celebrate annual cultural event
WASHINGTON: The Pakistan Embassy opened its door for thousands of Americans and members of the Pakistani community in the United States to mark the celebration of the annual cultural event of Around the World Embassy Tour-Passport in the capital Washington DC.
The Pakistani mission joined some 50 resident embassies celebrating the event that attracted a large number of people from the capital area and from neighboring states of Virginia and Maryland. The event was part of the Embassy’s public diplomacy efforts aimed at projecting soft image of the country.
On the occasion, the Embassy arranged a range of educational and cultural programming in collaboration with the Cultural Tourism DC that increased public awareness about Pakistan. The visitors enjoyed the food, art, fashion, music, folk dances and diverse aspects of Pakistan’s rich culture.
The highlight of the event was peace walk by some members of Pakistani American community around the International Chancery Center.
A group of American performers also took part in the cultural performances arranged by the Embassy including regional and folk dances of Pakistan. Despite inclement weather, the event attracted people throughout the day.
Visitors evinced deep interest in the rich and diverse culture of Pakistan particularly traditional costumes, carpets, artifacts, woodwork, brass work, leather work, calligraphy, and jewelry.
A pictographic exhibition of Pakistan’s history from ancient to modern times also remained focus of attention of the visitors.
Documentaries depicting Pakistan’s ancient civilization roots, history, development, geographical diversity, and richness of culture were screened in the Embassy auditorium.  The visitors appreciated the traditional architecture of the Pakistan Embassy and the warm welcome by the Embassy officials.
The Cultural Tourism DC acknowledged the active participation of the Pakistan Embassy in the event, which is widely publicized by the Washington D.C. government and the Embassy.

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