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GW Master Class on Public Diplomacy: Academic racketeering (wrong word?) on "pubic diplomacy [no typo]" instruction/expense -- hopefully at its most productive ...

JB comment -- I had the privilege of serving as a "Public Diplomacy" USG officer for over twenty years. My take, for what it's worth, from my limited experience: You learn essentially to practice public diplomacy in the field (and possibly from a background in "non-specialized" studies, including in science, language, literature, and history) rather than from narrow "PD training." 

Enjoy your GW quickie course! But -- my humble advice -- don't forget, if you wish to serve your country as best you can, to keep up with science; read great works of literature; listen to great music; look at great works of art, and -- yes -- endure popular shows on Tee-Vee -- if only to speak about something "important/relevant" to your overseas interlocutors.

The worse thing a PD officer can be is to be intellectually barren. Nobody of any importance abroad will listen to you if you follow a "PD strategy."


Here's the GW announcement, full of words/phrases that, quite frankly, are an offense to the English language (highlighted in yellow);

The courses are designed to combine the necessary theoretical elements with the practical component, the students assimilating public diplomacy tools, from conceptual history to the developing strategies of Public Diplomacy, along with the development of the skills for the implementing of theory on concrete cases.

GW Master Class on Public Diplomacy is the most adequate education program in the context of the development of the new digital technologies and social media, offering to the students the opportunity to evaluate themselves, to improve and to adapt them to new trends in construction and strengthen of the competitive identities.

At the final of the courses our students will be able to accurately assess the level of international credibility of their institution or their country, will be able to accurately determine the vulnerabilities and advantages in enhancing credibility, will determine vulnerabilities and advantages of each constituent part of the country brand and will be able to choose the correct public policies that may be subject to external promotions on solid foundation. [JB comment -- Good luck, guys and gals! The real world is not that simple.]  Also, our students will be able to develop public diplomacy strategies both to promote the image abroad and to counteract on external influence actions that may cause damages to the image of the country.  Also, through the international character, GW Master Class on Public Diplomacy offers the opportunity to widen the relational network of specialists in public diplomacy worldwide.

George Washington University, The Institute for Public Diplomacy and Global Communication (Washington DC, USA), along with the Center for Public Diplomacy in Bucharest have found the optimal solution for organizing intensive courses in Public Diplomacy for European students, in Europe. So, starting this year, GW Master Class on Public Diplomacy is held in Europe, thus realizing optimizing both price and reducing the time that students absent from their jobs.

Who Should Apply
The courses are designed for those who work in the diplomatic service, in public service (central and local administration) and those who have assignments in the field of institutional communication. Last but not least, GW Master Class on 

Public Diplomacy courses is [sic] designed for those with assignments on the field of defense and national security.

Admission Requirements

Participants must hold an undergraduate degree from an accredited university or equivalent and have extensive experience in public diplomacy or a related field. Fluency in spoken and written English is essential!

Applications for GW Master Class on Public Diplomacy

Registration should be done up on June 30, 2015 by completing the registration form available on Please complete all fields carefully and send the required documents
For further information please call +40 766 191 537 or write to

In addition, please register as soon as possible because the maximum number of students admitted to GW Master Class on Public Diplomacy is 30.
Tuition Fees

Tuition at GW Master Class on Public Diplomacy is 6000 EUR and the amount should be paid as follows:

– 1000 EUR up on June 30, 2015.
– 4000 EUR up on July 15, 2015.
– Integral (6000 EUR) payment up on July 30, 2015.
For the institutions that contract 2 to 4 students The Center for Public Diplomacy will apply a discount of 10%. For institutions that contract a total of five or more students the discount is 15% to the total amount.
Cancellation and refunding:
– Until 30 June 2015 full refund for payments already done.
– Up to 15 July 2015 refund 50% of the payments already done.
– Until July 30 is returned 30% of the payments already done.
Payment will be made in EUR, on follows account:
Association for Public Diplomacy Center
Raiffeisen Bank Vacaresti
Tuition fee does not include the transport costs, accommodation and meals but represents the value of courses and of the support materials, necessary for course.
For issues related to accommodation in Bucharest, the Center for Public Diplomacy has negotiated preferential prices for GW Master Class on Public Diplomacy students at the best hotels (Intercontinental, Marriott, Hilton, and Continental) and in close proximity to University of Bucharest and Headquarters of Center for Public Diplomacy.
The board of GW Master Class on Public Diplomacy:
Sean Aday – Director of Institute for Public Diplomacy and Global Communication.
P J Crowley – Professor at George Washington University
Dan Dima  – Coordinator of Center for Public Diplomacy
Dan Dima, specialist in the field of public diplomacy, founder of the Center for Public Diplomacy, former adviser to Vice President of the Romanian Senate, former adviser to the foreign minister on three mandates, a former advisor in the Office of the President of Romania and currently advisor to the National Security Department of the Presidential Administration.
Teodor Melescanu – Honorary President of Center for Public Diplomacy
Teodor Melescanu, professor, Ph.D. advisor, diplomat, former Foreign Minister, former Minister of Defense, former Minister of Justice, former Director of the Foreign Intelligence Service, currently State Advisor for National Security in the Office of the Prime Minister of Romania and Honorary President of the Center for Public Diplomacy.

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