Friday, December 18, 2015

CCME Relations with the Moroccan-American Community: Arrogance or Incompetence?

Hassan Masiky,

image from article
Washington D.C – The Council for Moroccan Living Abroad, known as CCME can chose its delegates around the world but has neither the right nor the jurisdiction to designate who represent the Moroccan-American community. ...
To advance the national agenda, CCME must create a true MRE-Homeland Partnership that is transparent, credible and effective. Far from the rosy talk of a successful Public Diplomacy, the Moroccan diaspora remains disjointed with no clear leadership able to cement the different talents and resources that can be found aplenty among MRE. ...
It is high time for the “powers that be” to revisit the purpose and the actual results and achievements of CCME around the world. The Council is becoming a liability rather than asset.

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