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PD-related articles (from Google Search) 10/21/2016-10/27/2016, posted for the record

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Another editorial note from your lazy Public Diplomacy (PD) Press and Blog Review compiler: I hope I will resume a more detailed review of PD-related items in the mass/social media when I complete my research on what turns out to be, for this modest researcher, a huge project -- the use (and overuse/misuse?) of the word "narrative" (initially a morally harmless literary studies term?) in the public diplomacy discourse among its practitioners and (especially?) academic/military "theoreticians." 

I have often thought, perhaps erroneously, that providing a "narrative" has little, if anything, to do with telling the truth ... But I need to check this out. 

Highlighted below are articles that could be of "strictly" PD interest. To some (among them some governments, as the term is defined by them) an activity far more important that it is in the U.S. today.

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  • A bridge between Austria and Israel
    Jerusalem Post Israel News

    Now, 26 years later, with a lot of experience in various spheres of diplomacy, but most frequently in press, information and public diplomacy, he is ...
  • WEB

  • Classic Quotable: Mao Zedong on art and literature (1942)
    The Public Diplomacy Council

    Mao's thinking still influences China's media and society, and it colors how the Chinese government regards the public diplomacy of other nations in ...
  • Phd Thesis On Diplomacy

    Phd Thesis Diplomacy - phd thesis diplomacy This 2016 public diplomacy phd will enough develop the viral page of ...
  • Public Diplomacy Phd Dissertation

    public diplomacy phd dissertation - public diplomacy phd dissertation Do you put your anticipated graduation date on resume ...
  • Media and Public Diplomacy
    Scribd Media and Public Diplomacy in Times of War and Crisis Holli A. Semetko American Behavioral Scientist 2009 52: 639
  • Phd thesis diplomacy

    the relationship management process of public diplomacy - Trace. situating public diplomacy within a broader and deeper conceptual context. A PhD ...
  • Public Diplomacy

    Public Diplomacy Book - Asaha, : Routledge Handbook. Of Public DiplomacyPublic Diplomacy: Books, Articles,. Websites #60 Csc, New Media Tools ...
  • Diplomacy Essay

    Public diplomacy of the world bank governance practice f prieto country international organization profile essay au sis unc chapel hill admissions ...
  • Online Public Diplomacy And The Behavioral Sciences Read Download PDF id:g0l3n1a f4e2s
    the Iligan City Police Office Website

    File Name: Public Diplomacy And The Behavioral Sciences Total Downloads: 1516. Formats: djvu | pdf | epub | kindle. Rated: 7.4/10 (09 votes) ...
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