Saturday, October 1, 2016

The expert focused on public diplomacy

"The expert focused on public diplomacy,"

Image from article, with caption: The seminar “Public diplomacy and soft power” was held at YSU today.

The event was organized by YSU [Yerevan State University] Alumni and Career Centre in cooperation with the School of Public Diplomacy. The aim was to identify the role of public diplomacy and soft power, concepts, resources, stages of formation, etc.

The speaker was the Director of the School of Public Diplomacy Tigran Shalunts. He welcomed the participants of the workshop, said that it is important to learn the nuances of the profession, such as, for example, public diplomacy and soft power.

The expert presented his formulation of public diplomacy: “Public diplomacy and soft power is a single system for the direct or indirect influence of the local and global levels.”

According to him, public diplomacy and soft power are now important tools of global governance and dissemination of influence. A focus was made on the formation of soft power resources and the basic stages of formation of the impact.

Speaking of the impact factor, he noted: “Depending on the country’s national, cultural, social, economic and other features, the same mechanism may affect the public or have no influence. The individual is in the center of all these processes.”

At the end of the workshop, the speaker answered the questions of the students, presented the experience of the leading experts in the field, scientific definitions on this or that issue, etc.

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