Tuesday, April 23, 2019

The Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund

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The Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy [JB emphasis] Fund was established in accordance with a decree of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry A. Medvedev on February 2, 2010.

Under the conditions of globalization of world’s political, economic and social processes, the public diplomacy acquires special significance for effective advancement of the Russia’s foreign policy interests. The Fund’s mission in this regard involves encouraging development of the public diplomacy field and supporting establishment of a favorable for Russia public, political and business climate.

The Gorchakov Fund holds activities in the following directions with the purpose of providing support to the public diplomacy, offering assistance to participation of the Russian non-governmental organizations in international cooperation and ensuring active and efficient involvement of institutions of the civil society in the foreign policy process:
  • assistance in advancement of social, cultural, educational, rsearch and management programs in the area of international relations;
  • providing support to mass media and information resources with the focus of achieving the statutory goals of the Fund;
  • participation in the analysis of an economic and public policy position, investment and innovation potential of Russia abroad, consulting and monitoring of current processes in the public diplomacy;
  • providing financial, methodological and organizational support to interested national organizations presenting initiative proposals complying with the statuary goals of the Fund;
  • raising funds on a voluntary basis from interested individuals and organizations with the purpose of achieving the statutory goals of the Fund;
  • providing information and consulting services on the topics of the Fund’s expertise;
  • organizing and holding conferences and seminars, exhibitions, symposia, business meetings and lectures;
  • development and distribution of methodological and information materials on the topics of the Fund’s expertise;
  • participation in the educational process;
  • holding charity activities;
  • establishing mass media and publishing activities including organizing launch and realization of information products, periodicals and research and methodology publications;
  • providing support to Russian-language mass media and information resources abroad as well as to Russian mass media and information resources;
  • creation of information centers on the topics of the Fund’s expertise;implementation of international cooperation and providing support to development of international ties including in the area of advancement of democracy and protection of human rights;assistance in creating a favorable for Russia public opinion abroad;
  • providing support to advancement of intellectual, cultural, scientific and business potential of Russia abroad. ...

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