Friday, November 6, 2015

A good man, a regrettable fuss

Dror Eydar,

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I do not understand the denouncers on the Left -- it was not him you were after, it was the prime minister. So if, as you say, the appointment of Dr. Ran Baratz to the post of media advisor to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is so bad, why are you so alarmed -- let Netanyahu sleep in the bed he made. The truth is much sadder. The Left, which understands that it is unelectable, wants to choose the right-wing leaders it feels most comfortable with. Anyone who gets close to Netanyahu is marked by the keyboard warriors, the media and the politicians, who jump on him with ridiculous self-righteousness. That is how they deter outstanding people from establishing ties with him. But Netanyahu needs outstanding people -- he has a country to run.
Unlike the gang of fools who leapt up at the appointment, I know Baratz. He has command of several and varied fields -- history, the military, government, politics, law and philosophy. He thinks clearly and reasons straightforwardly. And another important quality, which his record shows: He does not quail in the face of authority. He was not appointed to serve as Israeli ambassador, but rather to help Netanyahu with public diplomacy. I would be happy to look on during a meeting between Baratz and the media crows. Let's see them deal with him face to face, the cowards. ...

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