Friday, November 6, 2015

White House says time has run out for two-state solution under Obama administration

Lesley Clark,

The White House says it has reached the conclusion that it is unlikely to convince Israelis and Palestinians to reach a two-state solution before President Barack Obama leaves office in 14 months. ...
The administration remains committed to the prospect of a “two states for two people” solution as the only way to fully resolve the conflict, officials said.
But it does not “see a clear pathway right now to the type of negotiations that could produce a two-state solution, as much as we would like that to be the case,” deputy national security advisor Ben Rhodes said. He argued that that the administration has tried but that “the parties themselves did not take the steps.”  ...
Rhodes said he didn’t expect Obama would raise the revelations that Netanyahu’s nominee for public diplomacy chief had suggested Obama was anti-Semitic and had derided Secretary of State John Kerry in Facebook postings.
“It’s really a matter for the Israeli government to explain their own appointments,” Rhodes said,

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 adding Obama expects a “very substantive agenda” and that his “record speaks for itself” when it comes to support for Israel and its security.

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