Monday, November 16, 2015

Baku to mark 90th anniversary of Russian public diplomacy

Baku, Fineko/ The Russian Information and Cultural Center (RICC) is planning a demonstrational event in Baku.

RICC reports that on 19 November it will hold a roundtable on the theme "History VOKS-SSOD-Roszarubezhtsentr-Rossotrudnichestvo: 90 years of Public Diplomacy".

"Since 1925 our organization has changed several names: All-Union Society for Cultural Ties with Abroad (VOKS), the Union of Soviet Societies of Friendship & Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries (SSOD), the Russian Center for International Scientific and Cultural Cooperation (Roszarubezhtsentr), the Federal Agency for CIS Affairs, Compatriots Living Abroad and International Humanitarian Cooperation (Rossotrudnichestvo).  The explanation is simple: the history of the organization was written along with the history of the Country: first the USSR and then Russian Federation. All these years, our organization has been consistently engaged and involved in the most important mission: strengthens the friendship with the peoples of different countries, implements educational, cultural and many other programs," RICC said in a statement.

The Centre has been operating in Azerbaijan for 10 years.

"We’ve invited diplomats, well-known Azerbaijani politicians, scientists, teachers, artists and representatives of compatriots’ organizations for the roundtable. We’ll be glad to see media representatives in the roundtable,” RICC said.

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