Monday, November 2, 2015

CBS’ ‘Madam Secretary’ Informs Hollywood of Their Propoganda [sic] “Patriotic Duty” in a Hillary Presidency

By Dylan Gwinn | November 1, 2015 | 11:48 PM EST

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CBS’ Madam Secretary took to the airwaves on Sunday night, apparently with the expressed intent of letting Hollywood know that a Hillary presidency would be a very, very Hollywood-friendly presidency.
In an episode titled “The Long Shot,” Madam Secretary’s (Tea Leoni) staff, faced with trying to turn back the Russian tide they helped release upon the Ukraine, is struggling to develop a media strategy for winning the hearts and minds of Ukrainians and ethnic Russians living in Eastern Ukraine. You may recognize it, it’s basically how ABC puts together their Wednesday night line-up: 
Jay: The Russian television network broadcasts these cheesy game shows that can be picked up in the eastern part of Ukraine and the Baltic states.
Daisy: Where a lot of ethnic Russians live. Just read that part.
Jay: Right. The shows are popular with those folks, and when they're over, the Kremlin airs a "News hour."
Matt: Otherwise known as state-controlled propaganda.
Jay: Exactly. False reports that ethnic Russians are being murdered in the West and nuclear plants are melting down. That Ukraine is secretly planning to invade Russia. Without truth to counter it, people believe the lies.
Daisy: And every day, U.S. Security interests in Europe are undermined.
Matt: What’s your battle plan?
Jay: Public Diplomacy thinks that if we could license a popular American program, we could air it opposite the Russian game shows. Steal those viewers away.
Matt: Baywatch, or Let’s Make a Deal-ski? I mean, it's... It's no contest.
Jay: And then we follow our show with a real news hour. I talked it over with the secretary and she feels strongly that we need to fight Russian aggression on all fronts, and that means implementing a long-term media strategy.
Daisy: Game on. What's our budget?
Jay: Nothing Hollywood would be interested in.
This is so ABC, and NBC, and CBS (except for Blue Bloods which is awesome) and basically every other liberal network on television. The State Department game plan here is basically to use comedy and entertaining dramas as a lure to get the attention, and lower the defenses, of unsuspecting Ukrainians and ethnic Russians, then let fly with the ol’ propaganda machine while people are still belly laughing.
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WAHKC said...

What I cannot figure out is why---with so many competent Russian-speaking actors out in the wild---the producers of this program hire actors who cannot speak Russian, force them to memorize Russian phrases, then make them speak and thoroughly mangle the Russian language as they play their parts in order to make the program seem more authentic. It was painful to listen to them. Really, can it be so hard these days to find a couple of reasonably competent Russian-speaking actors to play bit roles on a TV show?