Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Central University of Odisha organises a Special Lecture on 'Media and Public Diplomacy'

Central University of Odisha organises a Special Lecture on 'Media and Public Diplomacy'
Report by Odisha Diary bureau, Sunabeda: “Dealing with media is just like riding a tiger; you have to keep on with it. But once you fall you are under the mercy of the tiger”, said Malay Mishra, the former Ambassador of India to Hungary, in his special lecture on ‘Media and Public Diplomacy’, at Central University of Orissa [see]. 
Speaking at the occasion, Vice Chancellor Prof. Sachidananda Mohanty lauded “Shri Malay Mishra as a man of thought action, and action speaks more than words”. He stated that diplomacy is the art, and when it fails, war and bloodshed occur. Enlightening the students of Journalism and Mass Communication, Prof. Mohanty added, “Media should not misinform, it should always be truthful and transparent”. He advised the budding journalists to be specialized in a particular beat and to create space for specialized reports. He concluded, “We must go hand in hand with the media”.

Narrating his vast experience as a Diplomat, Malay Mishra said, “Media is like a ‘touch-me-not’ kind of thing, there are many ways to handle it”. He made clear to the students of communication how to engage media tactfully in day today life. He threw light on the image of Indian diplomats in foreign nations. He explained the steps to handle the journo. Addressing the students, he talked about foreign policy, political diplomacy, economic diplomacy and public diplomacy with recent anecdotes. He inferred “Media is inalienable part of life, befriend with them”.

Dr. Pradosh Kumar Rath, the Head of the Department In-charge of Journalism and Mass Communication, delivered the welcome speech and Sourav Gupta, Assistant Professor, introduced the guests. All the faculty members, students and research scholars of the Department attended the special lecture and they had an interaction session with Malay Mishra at the end of the programme.

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