Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Israel’s Soft Power: Public Diplomacy in Action

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With Dr. Chanan Naveh, Visitng Israeli Professor at SDSU and Senior Lecturer, Sapir College, Israel. This lecture will focus on Israel’s struggles in the arena of public diplomacy, particularly its challenge to persuade others that its society has many facets beyond those of war. Yet, despite a narrative underscoring its democracy, quality of life for all its citizens, support for disaster zones all over the globe, significant achievements in High-Tech and modern agriculture, and even cultural exports such as TV programming, it appears that public perception in many countries has not followed suit. We will review examples of Israel’s efforts to explore the ideas of Soft Power and Public Diplomacy. Dr. Chanan Naveh is the 2015/16 Visiting Israeli Scholar for the Jewish Studies Program at San Diego State University and a Senior Lecturer in the School of Communications, Sapir College, (Israel). ...

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