Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Mona Quartey And The ISD Brochure Brouhaha


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Madam Mona Quartey May Have Been Overexcited Herself Over The Brochure Brouhaha

Madam Mona Quartey, a Deputy Finance Minister and Economic Planning, is reported to have said the following: “Clearly, whoever wrote this things (sic) got carried away and started writing rubbish…”
Really? Whoever? Is Madam Mona Quartey, a political insider entrenched in the highest hierarchy of the National Democratic Party (NDC), telling us she has no clue about the identities of the authors of the Independence Day brochures? This is hardly believable, for it is one thing to feign ignorance of a delicate national issue such as this and quite another, to demonstrate abject ignorance of empirical facts such as those specifically related to the preparation and mass publication of the brochures, probably in the neighborhood of three thousand published booklets, according to Abu Ramadan, an ex-National Youth Organizer of the People’s National Convention (PNC), and finally, of which he also speculates to have cost Ghana a whopping GHc450k.
Notwithstanding the above, we may want to also add that while the possibility exists that Madam Mona Quartey, whom we may conveniently refer to as Madam Mona Lisa from now on, may not actually have been privy to all the facts, caution and the tenets of public diplomacy required of her to have exercised a higher degree of rhetorical circumspection when a television journalist sought out her views on the ignominious controversy, albeit we also have to concede at this point that the brochure brouhaha is a messy tangle yet to unravel itself, possibly, to assuage public angst against incumbent slumbering—real and perceived—and bureaucratic incrustation of official mediocrity. ...

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