Monday, March 21, 2016

President Mahama And The Powerful Gay Lobby

Kwarteng, Francis, GhanaWeb

Image from, with caption: John Dramani Mahama and Andrew Solomon in conversation at the New York Public Library.

[T]he dilemmatic illusion of Africa’s independence and the political economy of foreign aid and the emergence of homosexual or same-sex politics, particularly in the 21st century, are delicate subject matters in the sphere of international relations and public diplomacy. This is truer in relations of economic diplomacy between Africa and the West. In Ghana, for instance, much has been made of President Mahama’s complicated friendship with Mr. Andrew Solomon [see], a well-known international gay activist, as the “New York Times” reported a few years ago. We quote:
“President John Dramani Mahama has been fingered to be in bed with one Mr. Andrew Solomon, a gay activist…Andrew Solomon reportedly gathered a few affluent people from the gay community to raise campaign funds for President Mahama with the understanding that when President Mahama won the elections, the president would push the gay rights agenda…I was reported to have paid $20,000 for copies of the book…”
This eye-opening article authored by Mr. Solomon himself provides useful insights into President Mahama’s possible links or access to the power and influence of the international gay lobby, represented by Mr. Solomon’s influence and charisma and social-political connections in America, yet a view the former seems to debunk in his article. If this allegation of Mr. Solomon’s helping President Mahama to raise campaign funds via garnering public commercial patronage for the latter’s book, “My First Coup D’état,” has any iota of forensic validation, then it makes sense for leaders of the gay lobby to expect a quid pro quo in this strange if turbid network involving the two men. ...

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