Saturday, March 19, 2016

Terror unifies

Image from article, with caption: Palestinian incitement on sociel [sic] media.

Analysis: The unifying force of terror and incitement is the only glue that holds Palestinian society together. Therefore, a complex, overarching solution is needed in order to stop this current wave of violence.

Lone-wolf terrorism has becom a new component of Palestinian society. No longer is it just about desperate and frustrated kids, mostly from Jerusalem, who take a knife or a pair of scissors and go out looking for death. Now, young men and women, from all over the West Bank, are perpetrating terror attacks that constitute an armed struggle. ...
In a situation as complicated and complex as this, there are no easy solutions. Therefore, people are looking for things to blame – like incitement, al-Aqsa, the Islamic movement, undocumented workers, people breaking through the security fence, Mahmoud Abbas, and even ISIS. It's not by accident that that no one is blaming the occupation or the reality of Palestinian society in the West Bank. In fact, it's impossible to blame the incitement on the Palestinian education system, as there has been a general teachers' strike in the West Bank for more than a month.
The decisions by the Cabinet to close the holes in the security fence, arrest undocumented workers, close radio stations, and demolish the houses of terrorists are a Band-Aid fix to show the Israeli public, and are basically a recycling of similar decisions made in the past.
In a complicated situation, there needs to be a coordinated and systemic solution – in terms of security, politics, economics, and public diplomacy – which should have started five months ago. ...

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