Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Ambassador Kelly Addresses NATO-Georgia Public Diplomacy Forum in Tbilisi (April 4)

Image from entry, with caption: Ambassador Kelly (right) addresses NATO-Georgia Public Diplomacy Forum in Tbilisi.
Ambassador Kelly joined a panel of Georgian and international experts at the NATO-Georgia Public Diplomacy Forum on April 5 in Tbilisi. The theme of the forum, which kicked off NATO Week activities in Georgia this year, was dedicated to the importance of strategic communications in combatting disinformation and propaganda in the region.
Ambassador Kelly spoke about America’s firm support for Georgia’s NATO aspirations, its sovereignty, and territorial integrity. He also emphasized the importance of well-planned and well-coordinated strategic communications for Georgia as it pursues integration with NATO and other Euro-Atlantic structures. Ambassador Kelly also highlighted the importance of strategic communications in accurately presenting to Georgian citizens the benefits of Euro-Atlantic integration, and to be vigilant to disinformation that seeks to sow confusion in Georgian society about the West and Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic integration processes. ...

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