Sunday, May 15, 2016

East Africa: Sudanese Scholars Commend Ethiopia's Regional Integration Effort

Mengisteab Teshome,

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Sudanese scholars from the visiting Public Diplomacy delegation said that people to people relation is instrumental to mutually benefit from the sustainable development flourishing in the region.
The delegation has visited yesterday the Rock-Hewn Church of Abrahaweatsibiha and Al-nejashi Mosque, which is considered the first Hijra in Islamic history, found in the Tigray regional State.
After the visit Prof. Mahmoud Elsheikh Dean of Faculty of Arts Modern African Study told the Ethiopia Press Agency that the visit is an opportunity to have first hand information what the people and the government of Ethiopia is doing to transform their nation that once synonym to drought and unrest. ...
According to Prof. Amin, in 615 A.D Ethiopia welcomed the first Muslim refugees with great hospitality by the Axumite king. When the adversaries of the Prophet Mohammed asked king Al-nejashi to extradite them but refused and provided them with asylum which is preserved in Hadith. " I could be a witness that Ethiopia is symbol of tolerance and coexistence where Muslims and Christianity live together. ...
The scholars said that Ethiopia's efforts in expanding the infrastructural projects could link with Sudan and reinforce the progressive cooperation as well as people to people relation. ...

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