Sunday, May 15, 2016

RE: Mahama’s Colonial Mindset of Public Officers and the price many nations had to pay

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President Mahama’s casual paraphrasic rendering of “colonial mentality” puts it as “the lackadaisical attitude of some public officials.”
Here is also what some web portals reportedly attribute to the president (our emphasis):
“He [President Mahama] told the leaders that many people in responsible positions still have the colonial mentality that public money belongs to Government and therefore could be used any how.”
This Orwellian richness of an extravagant language of public diplomacy belies the painful ironies of hypocritical contradictions which we so easily identify with President Mahama’s own government and public officials, even more so because this extravagant language was entirely missing in action in the brochures that accompanied the country’s most recent independence celebrations—causing the country serious if irreversible moments of international ignominy.
In other words, some of the behaviors of President Mahama himself and his government reflect the exact opposite of this school of thought, of interpretation—his speech, that is. An open truth of the matter is that all Ghanaian leaders, possibly with the notable exception of Kwame Nkrumah, have carried this Sisyphean cargo of “colonial mentality” or “colomentality” at one point or another. ...

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