Sunday, May 8, 2016

Trump diminishes democracy

L K Sharma,

Image from article, with caption: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks Saturday, May 7, 2016, in Lynden, Wash.
Trump’s election campaign is being watched with great interest all around the world. The social media is suffused with satirical comments and outright disgust with his tactics. But there is a section that justifies his demonising the minorities. In India atrocious statements against the minorities come from a few ruling party leaders. Some have pointed out that these were harmless compared to Trump’s anti-Muslim remarks!
The Trump election campaign that has discredited democracy will have side effects in other countries. In college debates, the opponents of democracy can now present a strong case. If America has to renew its campaign to spread democracy, it has to first set an example itself of being a democratic haven. ...
More people around the world know about the offensive remarks made by Trump who tweets. That is why this election campaign has undermined America’s plan to promote democracy abroad, through persuasion or by force. If Trump becomes the President, America’s public diplomacy campaigns will become even less credible. ...
Many Americans wonder how so many of their fellow citizens can support a man like Trump. If Trump wins they would feel as if they have lost their country. And if Trump wins, one would see American poll experts advising their clients abroad on how to use the Trump technique to win elections!
How the Americans vote in their Presidential election should be only their business but it cannot be so because when America sneezes the world catches cold!

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